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About Us

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We are a very unique, all natural product company, using only the purest ingredients to include Organic and Wild Crafted Herbs.

 The"grass root" level of our company is founded on the scientific research that we as humans are capable of greater potential physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It is with that concept in the forefront of our thinking that we strive to meet that greater potential within each one of us with the formulas we produce. Here at Red Rock there is great pride in being able to share in YOUR HEALTH & WELL BEING.

The ingredients found in our products have been researched and tested. We use only organic or wild crafted herbs when organic is not available. We purchase herbs and other raw ingredients from company’s who share our goals for our customers, “Efficasey is Essential”
All products at Red Rock Naturals are manufactured on site  giving us the opportunity to control quality, holding quality to the fire.

PROCESS: Red Rock Natural’s herbal glycerite tincture process is on the cutting edge of product technology in the industry today. Typically most commercial herbal liquid processes extract, on the average, 65% of active ingredients of the plant material in the extracted menstrum.
To produce a high quality and high percentage extract, a superior extraction medium/solvent is as essential as the equipment used in the process. Over many years of research and development Red Rock Naturals has achieved making a proprietary solvent of this superior nature. We use a combination of catalytic water, kosher vegetable glycerin and high alkaline crystalline ionic complex mineral base.
The final stage of our process, known as a spagyric process, is a means of extracting one of the most vital components of the plant called the mineral salts. Our process literally pulls all of the mineral salts out of the carbon, reconstitutes them and adds them back into the formula menstrum for a complete product that is bio available to the body.

Science shows that when the cells of the body recognize the vibration or frequency of this nutrition, they open to receive quickly, resulting in a faster response time so we feel better faster.

Utilizing this principle, Red Rock Naturals creates a highly effective herbal compound while also preserving natural synergism and vitalizing qualities of the plants.          



There is no substitute for the finest quality products and we feel that the first step is at the drawing board with the formula itself. At Red Rock Naturals we are proud to have on our product board Master Herbalist Steven Horne.  Steven brings over thirty years of experience and knowledge to the table.
When it comes to producing a high quality/potency crystalline ionic mineral, which is in every formula produced at Red Rock Naturals, Master Formulator David Tanner processes the minerals which yield the highest quality and greatest results.          

                                   OUR VISION:

“Unlocking the secrets of nature that will change your life”.
A world where every person has access to powerful remedies that support changing lives from an unhealthy state of being to overall wellness, from old to young, from fatigued to an energized state of being and where each person is given the tools they need to take charge of their health; A world where a vibrant happy, healthy being describes YOU and I all the time.          

                       OUR MISSION

To bring to the world natural, organic herbal mineral formulas that not only brings about changes and optimum health but revitalizes DNA


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