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The Magic of Glycerin

                Glycerin Is Better Than Alcohol

Red Rock Naturals are absolutely alcohol free. Alcohol in any form can be very damaging to certain individuals and especially children and pets. Anyone with weakened, undeveloped or diseased livers, as well as those recovering from alcohol abuse cannot use anything with alcohol in it. Certain receptor sites on the cell can be triggered by alcohol formulas or even trace amounts of alcohol. The acetaldehyde is not eliminated and goes to the brain and through a complicated biochemical process winds up as tetrahydrosoquinoline. It is not uncommon for someone with an alcohol sensitivity to become ill and not be able to trace the source of their illness because trace amounts of alcohol in something they have consumed may be the hidden culprit.

There is growing concern that even products that have been processed with alcohol and then had the alcohol drawn off with glycerin added as a preservative ‘filler’ may, according to the tenants of homeopathy, carry the energy signature of alcohol resulting in effects and subtle sensitivity reactions as if alcohol itself were present. Also, alcohol adversely alters all the aromatic components of an herb and renders those components inert. It does the same to enzyme components and other water-soluble nutritional co-factors.

On the other hand, glycerol (also known as glycerin) effectively extracts all these components in their naturally-occurring synergy and wholeness without altering or rendering them inert. The Red Rock glycerite process takes the qualities that glycerol is noted for and, unlike any other glycerite based process, produces a finished product that is much more potent, contains a substantially fuller spectrum of an herb’s components, possesses richer texture and taste, and has unmatched quality and consistency.

Not only is glycerol better for the body than alcohol, but it also has many other beneficial effects.

Glycerol is a naturally occurring substance in the body and is easily utilized by it. Glycerol helps with cellular communication and receptor sites on the cell. This recognition strategy allows the cells to utilize the compounds more effectively.

The naturally sweet taste of glycerin helps hide some of the bitter and sometimes more unpleasant herb tastes.

Glycerol is not a sugar and does not cause a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. It can actually act to stabilize blood sugar levels.

Glycerol helps to stabilize water/fluid levels in the body, aiding in the re-hydration of dehydrated organ systems in the body.

Glycerol is an anti-fungal agent that discourages yeast growth and is an effective G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized As Safe) approved natural preservative.

Glycerol helps the body burn fats, so it assists in weight control.

According to Dr. Edward Shook, a renowned American biochemist and herbalist, herbal glycerites also have the added benefit of helping to rapidly remove inorganic drug residue, metallic mineral deposits and other toxins from the body.

Glycerol has also been found to be overall a superior extractive solvent than alcohol, even referred to as a ‘universal’ solvent exceeded only by water itself, and it’s all natural.

Liquid Herbs Are Better Than Dried

Liquid herbs are assimilated faster by the body than dry preparations (i.e. powders, tablets, capsules, etc.) are. They go to work immediately via activation of the parotids in the mouth. They don’t have to be digested like capsules and tablets, and the body reacts immediately to the taste and smell of the liquid herbs so they work dramatically and fast. This makes them ideal for acute disorders and illnesses where a rapid action is required. Although liquid preparations of teas, decoctions and tinctures also produce these immediate effects, they don’t have the full qualities of the herb, aromatic components, complex formulations, and trace factors like the complete process Red Rock Naturals offers.

Whole Herbs vs. “Standardized”, “Potency Guaranteed” Pseudo Drug-Like Phytopharmaceutical “Herbs”

Many products available today claim to be “standardized” or “potency guaranteed.” These products take the medical model based pharmaceutical approach that isolates certain active drug-like constituents (actually called ‘crude’ drugs) in their attempts and claims to be more effective. The truth is, however, that the more removed from nature an isolated component and the product it becomes is, the less effective it will be at creating a healing response in the body.This includes pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs, with their petrochemical or coal tar-based nature, synthetic vitamins, and inorganic metallic mineral products, as well as ‘crystalline’ based ingredients that may be derived from ‘natural’ sources, but are so purified and ‘standardized’ that they can be classified as more of a ‘drug than an herb in the final analysis. While delivering short-term symptomatic benefits, they profoundly contribute to creating a biological terrain that is out of balance and potentially compromise total health in the long run.

There are several herbthat have come under scrutiny recently and their safety or efficacy for consumer use is being seriously questioned. Examples are kava kava, Chinese ephedra, comfrey, and even St. John’s wort, echinacea and ginkgo. When certain constituents of these herbs are produced as isolates and concentrated for ‘super’ potency, they do not work as nature intended. Some can and do cause harm in this isolate state, while others may not work at all. When these herbs are used and processed in their whole, natural, intrinsic synergistically enriched state, such problems do not arise. It’s interesting to note that almost all herbs currently under government scrutiny are the results of negative consumer reactions to herbal products that contain ‘standardized,’ ‘potency guaranteed’ ingredients, often in concentrations many times that of the ‘whole’ natural herb itself.

Herbal preparations that contain the whole synergistically complete plant are much more effective in bringing about vitality based healing than isolated constituent-based products, and always will be.

Versatility and Convenience

These products are delightfully versatile, convenient and simple to use. Because they are liquids, you can easily adjust dosage size and frequency according to your needs.


I have seen positive results in my patients with Red Rock Naturals. I have monitored this via urine and saliva testing in assessing quantitative factors such as pH, resistivity and antioxidant aspects. There have also been changes in blood chemistry panels with use of this product.

 By Kimberly D. Balas, PhD, ND

I am a clinical practitioner in a medical office. I have provided educational material and product reviews for several companies. I collect data from research samplings on various outcomes of products based on chemical evaluations. I write a monthly column for a practitioner’s journal and provide research documentation for industry newsletters. A bio will be provided upon request.


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